Welcome to New Life!

We are Christian Church "New Life" ("Neues Leben e.V.") of the city Plauen in Germany.

Everyone is welcome in our Church.

Pastors of the Church are Vjaceslav and Oxana Schilling.


Vjacheslav Schilling is the founder and pastor of the Christian Church "New Life" in the city of Plauen.

Vjacheslav was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. After arriving in Germany with his family, he founded a Russian-speaking Church "New Life" in 2005.

Pastor Vjacheslav is a preacher and speaker at many conferences and seminars.

Vjacheslav Schilling lives with his family in the city of Plauen and has two children.

Фотография пастора Вячеслава Шиллинг


There is a service in our church five times a week. We look forward to your visit.


Sermons by Pastor Vjacheslav Schilling can be found on our YouTube Channel (Russian, German language). There is also the possibility to receive sermons in the church after the service.


Sunday meeting of the New Life Church take place here:

Germany, 08523 Plauen, Karlstr. 5-7, Gemeinde Neues Leben e.V.

Sunday - 10:00 (with translation in German and English).

Post office and address:

Germany, 08523 Plauen, Karlstr. 5-7, Gemeinde Neues Leben e.V.

Phone: +49 (176) 61-54-85-30

E-mail: info@g12.eu




Receiver: Neues Leben e.V.
IBAN: DE19870958245028779013
Bank: Volksbank Vogtland eG
Purpose: Spende